Replying to Blog Comments

Sunny is the only app that makes it easy to respond to comments on your Shopify blog by email.
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Reply by email, the way it should be.

Many of our customers find the Shopify Blog system to have a very limited set of features. No notifications, a bare-bones spam filter and no ability to reply. Comments don't come to you, you have to log in and click your way through to the blog section where you can approve or delete.

The fact is, if you want to respond to your customers you will need to install an app. Sunny offers the most powerful and convenient set of features of any blog comment app.

Replying to comments on your Shopify blog by email
Email Notifications
Every comment is emailed to you. You can choose immediate or daily batches.
One-click actions
Each email has a link to Approve or Mark As Spam
Reply in a flash
Replying to the email will approve the original comment, post your response on your blog, and email it to the commenter.
Historical Comments

Reply to comments from the past

Sunny has the ability to get comments that were posted before you installed the app, and email them to you. From there, you can reply to each of them - just like you would a regular email - and Sunny will post your reply on your blog and email the original commenter.

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Replying to historical comments
built for teams

Add up to 3 team members

For many of our users, the job of replying to customers' questions is shared by a few people. Add up to 3 emails addresses, all of whom will receive notifications of new blog comments, and be able to reply.

3 people getting comment notifications by email

Sunny is the best way to manage comments on your Shopify Blog

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